Blog of the PHD student of Art & Design, University of Loughborough



Fabia Lin is a PHD student studying Art and Design at the University of Loughborough. 


She holds MFA  Animation in National Tainan University of Art and MA Children’s literature in National Taitung University. Besides, she also worked freelance in animation and film making relevant industry.


On the first day she arrived in the UK, she started to write down her thoughts of seeing the exotic culture and scenery on her blog. The nice receptionist and scenery all gave her the feeling that she was really in the place where she dreamt to be. She wrote, “Is this the palace of fine arts where I dream to be? Do I really have the chance to fulfill my dream in the UK?”


The first thing she bought in the UK

The first time to join the carnival

The first time to see the snow

Everything at first was new and fresh to her, and those difficulties she encountered all became part of her life and would be the source of her creation.


If you are interested in art and design programmes in the UK, please visit her blog.