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Blog of the PHD student of Art & Design, University of Loughborough

Fabia Lin is a PHD student studying Art and Design at the University of Loughborough.  
She holds MFA  Animation in National Tainan University of Art and MA Childrenˇ¦s literature in National Taitung University. Besides, she also worked freelance in animation and film making relevant industry.
On the first day she arrived in the UK, she started to write down her thoughts of seeing the exotic culture and scenery on her blog. The nice receptionist and scenery all gave her the feeling that she was really in the place where she dreamt to be. She wrote, ˇ§Is this the palace of fine arts where I dream to be? Do I really have the chance to fulfill my dream in the UK?ˇ¨
The first thing she bought in the UK
The first time to join the carnival
The first time to see the snow
Everything at first was new and fresh to her, and those difficulties she encountered all became part of her life and would be the source of her creation.
If you are interested in art and design programmes in the UK, please visit her blog.
Winner of BTCO Scholarship 2007
Congratulations to Mr. Liao, the winner of BTCO Scholarship, 2007. Mr. Liao who applied for the LLM, University of London through StudyLink is awarded the BTCO Scholarship following the winner of the scholarship 2006 in StudyLink. 
Mr. Liao holds MSc in Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University and was also a lecturer of Computer Science in Law School of SooChow University. Heˇ¦s now studying LLM in the University of London and because of his outstanding profile, he is awarded BTCO scholarship to support his further study in the UK. He wishes to work as a strategy planner in the future to bring out what he has learned
Work Experience Programme

Pei-Lin Chen joined the Wimbledon School of English - Work Experience Programme in September, 2007.
She majored in Industrial design, National Cheng Kung University and worked in a design company before. She thinks that design originates from life experiences by observing people, relics and experiencing different cultures.
The reason why she chose to work intern in England is because England is a country with rich historical cultures and European atmosphere. She will be able to improve her English, build up her experiences and broaden her horizon of global viewpoints. 
You are most welcome to visit her blog if you are interested in her life in the UK. 
She has found a job in a design company, Mark Nicholaˇ¦s, in London while studying in the language school. If you have the same dream as hers, please contact us or visit our Web site for further information about Working Holiday Package
Education Counsellor Training Programme
StudyLinkˇ¦s senior counsellor, Tracy, was invited by the manger of ChinaTimes.Com to give a lecture on ˇ§Education Counsellor Training Programmeˇ¨ on 29 Jul, 2007.
The training programme organized by ChinaTimes.Com was the first programme which aimed to improve the quality of the counselling service. It not only provided students who wish to enter the industry career opportunities but information for students, parents and relevant institutes, which will help to build up connection with the international education.  
The content of the programme is about the training of counselling for UK education, including the education of secondary schools, language schools and higher education. Tracy also analysed and compared the education system between England and America, and shared her experiences and perspectives on studying in the UK.
StudyLink and Leeds Metropolitan University sponsoring the project Keep Rowing 

Tracy Tang from StudyLink and Mr. Andrew Eaglen, Director of Postgraduate International Tourism Management in Leeds Metropolitan University, in May 2007, was invited by Lin Chien-Hsiang (the founder of the project) to visit shipbuilding project named Keep Rowing . This project won the Life Sustainability Award offered by eRenlai Magazine; which was awarded by President Chen in National Sun Yat-Sen University in May 2007.  In addition, in October 2006 the project was also awarded 1.2 million NTD by Keep Walking Fund, (Diageo from UK).  Tracy and Andrew are sponsoring the project to help to support the sustainable culture in Taiwan. The boat is rowing tour round Taiwan starting from the 19th of June 2007, 3pm and is planning to tour for two years. (See more in eRenlai Magazine, May).

StudyLink Contract is one of 10 Recognised Agents by Ministry of Education 

The Ministry of Education examined the compulsory ˇ§Basic Contract Clauseˇ¨ for Study-Tour Programme signed and agreed between the clients and the overseas education advisory providers in Feb. 2007. The examination attracted 26 applications from the agencies, and among them, ten of the agencies met the requirements and were qualified. StudyLink passed the examination and was one of the 10 agencies recognised by the Ministry of Education.

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